Raging Hard On

helix-studios - Raging Hard On

Rush hour traffic is a bitch and, it can stress anyone out, especially if you run hot like our boy Cameron Parks. Lucky for Cam, he’s got blond babe Travis Stevens in the car to calm his nerves. Travis knows just how to relax our distraught driver. He reaches over the stick shift and gives Parks’ piece a lil’ love. Needing to honk his horn, Parks pulls over to the shoulder and our gorgeous guys get busy right there in the car, in public! After some mutual masturbation, Cameron fills up his own tank with blond boy’s big bone, deep throating that “D” like a cock hungry contortionist in the back seat. Parks leans back on the black leather seat while Travis tickles his tonsils on his tripod. The boys turn up the heat on this road side ass attraction as Cameron hops on Stevens’ sheath free schlong and takes it for a spin.Travis’ rest stop is aching for some action as well; so, Parks plunges his pole into Stevens’ pretty blond back door, dominating the dude’s dirt road. Knowing they need to get back on the road, Stevens takes stress relieving matters into his own bone, topping Parks’ tense tush once more and banging the road rager till he releases every drop of sticky stress onto his smooth, taut stomach. Stevens’ whips his big rig out and blasts Parks’ spent, satisfied sac AND, pretty pink pucker with two thick white road ropes of heavy cream. But, our boy doesn’t stop there! He pushes forward, paving the inside of Cameron’s beautiful back alley with his raw load.

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