Sun Stroked

helix-studios - Sun Stroked

Landon Vega is napping by the pool when wickedly hot Luke Wilder wakes him with a sensual stroke to the boy’s beautifully bronze back. The couple get cozy, stroking one another’s smooth skin as they kiss under the hot summer sun that dances across their ripped young bodies. The guys bring their bulging crotches inside to take this tryst to the next level. The romance is at peak levels as they breath one another in, locking lips and caressing chiseled chests, backlight by the sinking sun. Wilder makes his way down to Landon’s legendary dick, sucking in the sweet sweat on his sun kissed torso as he goes. Vega’s giant jock looks luscious and large in the sexed up shadow as Luke gets busy licking the long love stick. The camera pans back, bringing the boys into the light as Landon lays a delicious deep throat down on Wilder’s wang. Luke’s bodacious body bulges and flexes like an orgasmic olympic athlete while he fucks the lusty latin’s pretty face. With the taste of cock on his lips, Landon asks for a ass fucking. At light speed, Luke spins the boy around, pushing him down on the couch then pushing his bare cock up the kid’s can. Luke lays into Landon with laser focus, working every muscle to mash is main muscle deep and hard. Landon stays rock hard for the entire duration of the delicious dicking. His big boner bounces between stroke sessions in time with every thrust from the titan of tops. Luke wants a gander at that gorgeous groin. He flips his hot fuck over and impales that pretty piece of his back where it belongs as Landon rests his ankles on his top’s muscled shoulders. Wilder’s been working overtime and decides it’s time to relax like a boss. He sits down back and orders Landon on top for a ride. Vega slides his smooth sphincter all the way down on that dick, plants a kiss on Luke’s chiseled face and gets to bouncing a top the guy’s big cum filled balls while the sweet sound a flesh fucking fills the air. Landon gets lost in lust. He hops up and down on Luke’s love log even harder, sending sticky good streams of seed sailing onto top man’s smooth muscles. Dripping in liquid dick, Wilder stands up to return the raunchy favor as his fuck boy braces his pretty face for a hosing. The first blast shoots clear over Vega’s head, the next several blasts bang against pretty boy’s face hard enough to make him flinch! Landon winds up wet with wang water oozing down his lips, eye and chest. But, our boy is still hungry for more. He sticks the schlong back in his mouth and sucks the last dick drip down his throat.

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