Truck Fuck

helix-studios - Truck Fuck

Tattooed hottie, Ashtin Bates is outside working under the hood of his truck on a scalding got summer day with his unbuttoned, fuck me boy flannel blowing in the breeze when polar opposite, pretty boy, Jacob Hansen comes around the corner. Hansen attempts to help the gorgeous gear head, but Bates has a better idea. And, the sight of Jacob’s junky trunk bent over his engine is really revving Ashtin’s motor. He whips the twink’s leather belt off and swats the pretty boy’s backside before planting a sweaty snog on his lips. The crazy hot car jockey tears off his sweat soaked shirt and wraps it around Jacob, and pulls him close as possible. From then on, all bets….. and clothes, are off! The too hot twosome are overcome with dirty desire and down one another’s thick dicks right there in Ashtin’s driveway! The meaty membered mechanic manhandles Hansen around and bends the boy over the sun cooked hood of his truck, then pushes his pulsing piston in deep. The brunette badass fucks like a machine, blasting his bareback beats into the boy’s butt at top speed. Then, the raunchy road warrior ups the ante, tossing Hansen’s own belt around the boy’s neck and uses it a a lusty leash to dick the dude down in doggy. The cock hard car star orders his fuck boy to the back of the truck and bangs the fuck out of him on the cargo bed! This is about all Hansen can handle, so he strokes his stick shift till it spits white hot heat onto his tight, tan stomach. Bates bone throbs and thickens inside the slut as he piston pounds the pretty boy’s pucker. Then, he oils Hansen’s hot hole with a butt load of boy grease. He dips his stiff stick back in, coating Jacob’s guts with gorgeous goo. Ashtin’s worked up quite an appetite after his hard days work, and his boy’s cream pie is lookin’ mighty tasty. He takes a big lick, then shares it with his panting, partner in pounding.

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