High Tide

helix-studios - High Tide

San Diego is famous for it’s beautiful bay, add an adorable twink like Devin Lewis sitting sitting alone on the sandy shore and that bay turns absolutely breathtaking! Naturally a cutie pie such as Lewis will never be alone for long. In saunters sexy blond Jamie Ray who eye fucks Lewis so hard no words are even needed to get the brunette boy-babe back to his place. Dick hungry Devin devours Ray’s rager with a little help from Jamie who jams his pie hole deep down onto his pretty piece. The boys swap and Jamie’s thirsty throat wraps itself around Lewis’s looming loin before he hops on top for a buck wild bareback rod ride! Keeping it exciting, Ray gets behind Devin and dicks the dude down! Lewis is feelin’ frisky and orders his blond dick bitch to get on his knees. He saddles up behind the boy, shoves that perfect penis of his balls deep while holding onto his kid’s hips to get the best bang grip. This sexy scene is truly a team effort as both twinks take equal turns tantalizing one another’s tight tushes. Jamie is inside for the fuck finals and as the cock cam catches his large low hangers smacking Devin’s derriere you can tell things are about to get nice and sticky! Lewis gets completely lost in lust, tilts his head back and blows his wad like a wild child. The bionic boy catapults cum WAY past his own pretty head! Ray keeps his cock juice contained for a special creamy purpose, aiming it directly at Devin’s freshly dicked hot cream pie hole. These two compliment one another abso-slutly perfectly.

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