Introducing Clay Turner

helix-studios - Introducing Clay Turner

Small town in Georgia boy Clay Turner is a beautiful blond twink with the sexiest southern twang you’ve ever heard! He’s bounced around a bit from Florida to Cali, anywhere with the beats really and finally found his way here to helix. His hobbies are riding horses. “ACTUAL horses,” (mind outa the gutter kids,; however, now that he’s at Helix, OUR dirty minds are definitely going to make that happen for you! Clay likes to be dominanted and lucky for him with paired him with titanium top tank Luke Wilder who’s been asking all the right questions so far and closes the deal with the perfect question, “would you say you were a good kisser?” Then, the confident cock slinger Goes in for the kill and little Clay, is his for the taking. He grabs the pretty boy buy the shirt and lead some upstairs, kissing him and feeling his smooth body all the way as clothes fall to the floor. Wilder remembers one of Turner’s fantasies is to be picked up; so, he hiked the hot blond up and tosses up on the bed. Turner is in a tantric trance as Luke’s lusty, perfectly sculpted sex god bod takes control. Wilder Kisses every inch of the kid before planting his chiseled, leading man mug in pretty boy’s back door for a rough rump licking. Clay makes his way towards the perfect man’s piece and eats cock like it’s dinner time, deepthroating to surfer dude down to the balls. Once he’s got Wilder’s weapon nice and wet he climbs on tops and slides his smooth ass down that sheeth free dick, swallowing it whole the first thrust. The kid’s caboose is so tight and right it has Luke calling out his name! Wilder tells Turner to get on his back to tastes the twink’s pretty piece which has been bouncing in front of his perfect face, burning up a horny hunger for hog in me. He gives a kids cock a nice quick cleaning before moving on to his expertise- that ass! Luke lays pipe in the boy’s bangin’ booty like boss while Clay cranks his cock to 100, shooting fresh, first fuck flick young seed all the way past his pretty pink nips! Wilder whips out and aims his bareback boner at the boy’s wide open ass, coating it in man cum and teasing the twink’s tunnel by pushing the still dripping tip inside. Both guys are breathing heavy from the SUPER hot dick day’s work and have definitely earned one last luscious kiss.

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