Winter Break vol. 1: Player Blues

helix-studios - Winter Break vol. 1: Player Blues

Jamie Ray and his crew are seniors now; and, it’s finally hitting them all that they won’t get to have fun with all their friends on a daily basis before heading out into the big, bad world. So, they’re all planning the perfect guy’s trip during winter break! There’s much to do before the vaca: planning, packing and of course, plowing your super hot hook-up! Jamie’s invited sexy soccer player/boy toy, Chase Hunter over to score one more goal before the guy’s getaway. Ray’s a bit worried he and Williams may be cooling off since the ball player declined his winter break invite; so, he’s determined to make this fuck unforgettable! The juicy cocked jock walks into Ray’s room, soccer ball in hand; but, when he sees Ray bare naked on the bed, he tosses his ball down and throws some dick down Jamie’s thirsty throat! Knowing this will be their last hurrah for a while, Williams gets wet and wild on Ray’s willie as well before Jamie jacks his legs up so the high school sports star can score a goal in his hot hole! Chase spreads the blond’s smooth buns and buries his tongue deep in that sweet center. It isn’t long before Ray is begging for a boning and Chase is more than happy to oblige. He slips behind the boy and slides that beautiful piece of bareback beef into that beautiful butt while Jamie jacks his giant directly at the camera. Williams is wailing away but stops when he realizes he may be digging too deep when blondie backs his hand up on his hip. The courteous cock slinger suggests the sexy senior sit on his super sized schlong so he can control the peen speed. This works wonders for both boys, nearly bringing Chase to the brink of busting before Ray brings up the sore subject of Chase coming on the ski trip. The conversation ads a lusty layer to the scene as Ray can’t keep his hands off his hottie’s hog and, sets up the salacious series we’re about to “unload” on you! Cocky and confident, Chase explains himself AND aggressively orders the boy back onto that bulging hard bone of his. Ray takes another raunchy, raw ride before Williams tells him he wants him on his back. And, what Williams wants, he gets! Jamie has his heels to Jesus in no time as Chase crams his can chuck full of cock. Ray pumps his piston in the porny position till his perfect piece pours pure pleasure. Then, Williams whips his weapon out and open fires every ounce of liquid fuck from his big, thick barrel. He closes the deal by telling his hot hook up to feel free to fuck whoever he likes on the boys trip. WOW! This is DEFIANTLY going to be a gloriously gooey guy’s trip not to be missed; so, brace yourself for big things to cum from this sexy series set in a white hot, winter wonder land!

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