helix-studios - Creamed

Muscles up Max Carter is scalding hot and takes complete control of cock hungry twink Collin Adams in this scorcher! A magnetic connection is clear from the start as the perfect pair get hot and heavy in a beautifully romantic bedroom. After a steamy make out session, our blond Adonis pushes the pretty boy into the bed and kisses his way down to Collin’s cock. He teases the twink with dick kisses over his sexy black undies before pulling them fown, releasing Adams’ rocked up appendage with a spring and slap, loud against his equally hard stomach. Carter works his own cock while giving Collin a rock socking suck job before standing to allow Adams access to his hardened hog. Collin chokes on Carter’s cock while max cranks up the heat with a hand to the back of the boy’s head as he fucks his face. Anxious to get at Adams’ amazing ass, Max manages the young man onto the bed once more and flips his legs over head with ease. Then, carter crams Collin’s can with a warm tongue and welcome fingers before the boy begs for a fucking. So, Carter flips pretty boy like a pancake and a raw dogs the dude. There’s no doubt Carter is in complete control, maneuvering his horny play thing where he wants and looking fine as fuck doing it. His washboard abs flex when flipping Collin onto his back before burying his bone back in and bangin’ booty as Collin’s hard cock bounces to the raunchy rhythm. When Max lays down, Adams knows to sit his fine little ass back down on that dick and, the pair work In tandem to tenderize his hot hole. Completely in sync, Carter smacks Collin’s caboose and his turns around, giving the camera an epic ass banging, schlomg shaking show. The porny position does the trick for Max and he muscles a mighty load of leche’ into the lad’s loins. The warm sensation fills Adams’ ass and he launches one of the best cum shots of the year, right in his own face!

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