helix-studios - Taught

Alpha ass master, Josh Brady has a beautiful new, bubble bootied roommate, Kurt Niles. Naughty newbie Niles hasn’t yet learned the lay of the land; so, he makes a big mistake, borrowing Brady’s belongings without asking. Josh is more than happy to make this a teachable moment for our tasty twink. He pantses pretty boy and plasters his plump posterior with perfectly placed, open palm, back seat smacks. Even in tight, hot, hiney hugging jeans, Kurt’s caboose commands attention; and, butt loving Brady delivers it in spades. He scolds Niles’ neither regions over his “hind end hugging” jeans before sliding Kurt’s cock cuddlers down and delivering some deliciously devistatingly blows to our boy’s back end in his undies. Kurt’s can is crimson red by the time Josh gives the gorgeous guy a wedgie. Once Kurt’s cheeks are cherry and ripe with blood red wonder welts, Brady gets his new roomie completely pantsless; then, he brings his hard handed hammer down HARD. Pretty boy begs and pleads for reprieve, something Brady is plum fresh out of. Without mercy, Josh brings his perfectly porny, posterior punishment to a red rumped finale, knowing he’s taught our tight tushed twink a lasting lesson.

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