Party in My Pants

helix-studios - Party in My Pants

This is your invitation to the Helix mansion for their end of summer party and ALL your favorite models are here dancing and frolicking in the pool! Julian Bell and Caleb Gray break away from the pack and head to one of the bedrooms to have their own porn perfect private party. The blond and brunette have crazy cock chemistry and spit shine one another’s schlongs before Bell tosses Caleb’s legs over his head to heat up his hungry hole his talented tongue. Using nature’s lube, he spits in the boy’s booty and breaks in that back door with a big bareback thrust! Gray wants a go at Bell’s bangin’ booty and mounts the blond like a lion, jungle fucking the dude with his giant jock! Keeping it spicy, the prety pair flip once more and Caleb rides Bell’s big rig to gooey glory! Caleb hops off the cock to cum face to face with the spouting fuck fountain! Bell busts an orgasmic ocean of cream, shooting WAY over pretty boys head! Gray is thirsty as fuck and goes down to lick every last delicious drop!

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