#Helix: Jared Scott and Collin Adams

helix-studios - #Helix: Jared Scott and Collin Adams

Here at the Helix, we work hard bridging the gap between our beautiful boys and the fantastic fans who love them. Our series #Helix is so special because it does exactly that. We let the fans ask their favorite fellas any and every question or request via Twitter and NOTHING is ever off limits! This throbbing therapy session finds Collin Adams and Jared Scott sitting comfy on the couch and spilling secrets like, what made them want to do porn and how the application process goes, they get into delicious details about their off screen sex life; and, they’re asked iff they’ve ever watched one another’s scenes AND, if they watched their OWN! The requests range from ear licking to neck biting and finally an ass spank ask! After Scott delivers your desired derriere smacking, the sexy secret spillers turn their attention towards one another. As usual giant jocked Jared is cocksure and deliciously dominant, asking Adams to eat his ample appendage as he pulls Collin’s cocksucker right down on it! He returns the fellatio along with an added ass eating, getting Collin’s cock craving caboose a wet warm up. He checks the kid’s oil with a few fingers before starting Adams’ ignition with his bareback beast. Jared takes the twink from behind before wanting a look at his pretty face and nearly ready to nut knob! Collin creams his teen dream torso, pouring peen puree into the cut creases of his chiseled six pack. Jared jumps up and jams that juice ready rig at Collin’s cock sucker. The porn prince DEFINITELY got more than a sufficient serving of porn protein today!

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