Seance Screw

helix-studios - Seance Screw

Julian Bell invites Cody Wilson and Caleb Gray over to his place for a night of fun, the trio get trapped on their phones as most millennials do. Caleb is gettin’ horned up with his pretty head resting on top of Bell’s bubble butt as the three lie in a delicious dog pile on Julian’s bed. Bell can feel the sexual tension rising so he uses a genius, horny teen technique to get this party started! The sexy surfer boy places a ouija board on the bed and the guys slyly slide the game around the board to let one another know they’re ALL down for some dickin’! After all, no one wants to anger a sexed up spirit and, now the REAL games begin! After the bed buddies tear off one another’s clothes and taste their tender young lips, Caleb’s colossal cock is tag teamed in a tonsil tickling twofer.

Then, hog whore Wilson works both boy’s big loins like a peen pro before Gray spins around for a spiritual spit roast. Caleb gets a mouthful of Wilson as Julian rails his rump with a tongue ramming to prepare his tight teen pucker for a penetrating. After the raw ramming spit roast, Wilson takes a seat on Gray’s giant while Bell gives him a blowie before shoving his schlong down Caleb’s thirsty throat. Julian is next on the menu and gets an ass full from Gray while Wilson wets his whistle with wang in the front. Finally, the bigger boys fill their teacup twink to the rim, cocking both Cody’s hungry holes with big bones about o burst! Caleb fires his fresh fuck in the kid’s face and Wilson is more than willing to swallow. Bell blasts off next, wetting Wilson’s entire torso with fresh seed from his scrotum totem!

Caleb Gray, Cody Wilson and Julian Bell

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