Dig In

helix-studios - Dig In

Cameron Parks is hard at work doing some gardening while boyfriend Shane Cook sits back sunning himself and flirting with his fella who is doing ALL the work. Parks isn’t having it one bit though! He’s through playing around and soon our gorgeous gardener gets to hoeing with his handsome, hard bodied boy! Cook makes up for slacking in the groundskeeping department by keeping his cocksucker glued to his guy’s gargantuan groin. He may not have done any work in the yard but Shane works the FUCK out of Cameron’s cock before tossing his legs in the air for a gapping good ass eating. Shane spreads Cameron’s cheeks wide and works his tongue deep to prepare Parks’ tight little pucker for the beer can booty destroyer in his drawers. Shane sheds his shorts letting that enormous, uncut cock free to fuck. He eases the enormous appendage up to Parks’ trembling pucker and presses lightly. Cam takes a few deep breaths, lifts his legs a little higher and allows the big, bareback beast inside him. Cook takes his time, letting his boy’s butt accept every thick inch he has to offer. Cam’s toes curl as Cook cracks the whip on his colossal cock and blows the breaks off his boy’s bottom! Our top man then flips his slender sex toy over and stuffs his hero hog back where it belongs before pulling Parks’ booty off the bed to dirty dog his dude. Cameron braces himself with one hand and works his oozing wand with the other. His throbbing cock can’t hold it in any longer and it lets loose with sweet release. Shane slides his super schlong out and unleashes a wet, wild wrath all over Park’s back and butt until the perfect pair collapse in postcoital boyfriend bliss.

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