Morning After the After Party

helix-studios - Morning After the After Party

Join all your favorite Helix hotties for THE party of parties! All our sexy superstars are living it up at the Helix mansion for a delicious night of debauchery. Shirts and inhibitions fall by the wayside as the wild rumpus heats up! The creme de la creme of cock are cutting loose with one another but thick dicked top Corey Marshall only has eyes for 18 year old Logan Cross. The party is still pumping but Logan has Corey’s cock on his mind and follows the super hot hunk upstairs. We rejoin the tasty twosome after a night of cuddling as they’re waking up in the gorgeous morning light with some severe morning wood that needs tending to! Naturally beefcake Corey is the big spoon. Logan’s receives a raunchy wake up as Corey reaches inside his tight black boxer briefs to fondle the tight twink’s gorgeous gifts at each end. Cross has been aching to slurp on Marshall’s massive member and goes down on the studs thick dick and lusty nut filled low hangers. Marshall is definitely all man but he loves twink tallywacker and deep throats Cross’ cock with gorgeous gusto before licking Logan’s luscious smooth sex hole. Marshal massages his mates prostate with several fat fingers before bringing on the main course of big bareback cock! Corey cocks the kid all over the bed in several salacious positions, using his muscle ass to propel his perfect piece deep as fuck. Cumming into the cock squirting crescendo, Logan spits on his hand to milks his meat for a massive nut bust! Marshall pulls out and douses the dude’s derriere with liquid dick. The cum cream pie is to good to resist and Corey shoves his schlong back up Cross’ tight cum slicked chute.

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