Cameron Parks: Sunsoaked Strokes

helix-studios - Cameron Parks: Sunsoaked Strokes

Hot, young, completely naked and without a care in the world, gorgeous boy Cameron Parks struts his stuff on a sunny San Diego beach. Flirting with the camera, he flaunts his flawless body sauntering into the surf. The waves cum in, crashing against his hard swimmers physique and softly caressing his cock as they slowly drift back out to sea. Cameron’s perfect skin, taught with salt water glistens in the sun and as the sexy sea stud towels off his cock starts to stretch out with the excitement and freedom of being naked in public. Slow and sensual, Parker caresses every inch of his body, beautiful booty and bulging boner. His strong, thick hands softly stroke his smooth bubble butt then work their way to his hefty cock. He teases himself and the camera, building up suspense and a severe supply of salty semen. Cameron’s cock stretches at least another inch then releases copious amounts of cum that oozes down his still stroking hand. He rubs the lusty load onto his six pack and gazes at the camera, confidant in his cock’s accomplishments.

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