David Rhodes Solo

helix-studios - David Rhodes Solo

Brace yourself for some twink monster cock madness! David Rhodes is a cutie, tall and lanky with a tight body like a high school basketball star. Max Carter is coaxing him out of his shell, and his clothes! Funny thing is the more naked he gets, the more cocky he becomes. He MUST be hiding SOME kind of serious prize package down there and Max is determined to uncover the mystery. Once we get David down to his underwear, a spark possesses his sexy bedroom eyes and a confident swagger creeps into his bones. Carter caresses his tight body, tracing his star tattoos towards the mystery package that is growing by the second. Since there’s enough to share, Max and David massage the growing bulge before Carter’s curiosity (and David’s dick) can no longer be contained. This thing is a whopper and definitely worth the wait. You can hear the amazement in Max’s voice as he uses long strokes to bring the beast to full mast. Once the massive snake uncoils, Carter checks out the boy’s beautifully smooth, hard, round ass. He checks the kids oil with a fat finger that David welcomes with a sexy moan and pulls that giant cock through Rhodes legs before cracking a spanking on the boys butt as a command to turn back around. This dick requires a lot of attention so Max and David take turns stroking it and working the big cum filled balls. David is getting close, he uses one hand to steady the base while the other works the head and there’s STILL a lot of dick in the middle! When his floodgates finally open, he drowns his bronze six pack with buckets of hot cream. Max milks the monster even more, pulling pretty cum droplets to cock’s slick, sticky surface as David smiles from a day well spent.

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