Bad Housekeeping

helix-studios - Bad Housekeeping

The Helix mansion houses all of our fresh young talent and Cameron Parks is the house master who rules with a iron fist. He has a set of rules in place that keeps every star porn perfect; and if a boy bends those rules in any way, there’s a heavy handed price to pay. Julian bell is the newest model to take up residence in the porn palace and hasn’t followed Parks’ plan to the T. Naturally the beautiful bootied blond boy has to pay the price and Parks doesn’t go easy on him simply because he’s new. Cam is intent on teaching the rebellious boy a lasting lesson with a severe spank session. The peaches and cream cutie gets that ass cracked till it’s a cum soothing cranberry color. Parks plows into pretty boy’s perfect posterior until the tasty towhead is taught and taught well.

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