Introducing Angel Rivera

helix-studios - Introducing Angel Rivera

UBER hottie 20 year old Angel Rivera is a sexy latin boy from Austin, Texas. Sick of school life he decides to venture into porn and a new superstar is born! This kid is gifted at each end with an ass to die for and a dick to LIVE for! We’ve paired him with beefcake Josh Brady for his first scene with a dude and sparks fly from the get go! He open up to Josh super easily about his wants and desires and the LIST of kinks he’s anxious to try! Brady always aims to please so he catalogues the kid’s kinks and puts them to damn good use! The sex starts out innocently enough with Brady giving the gorgeous Angel a back rub but Rivera knows whats lurking under Josh’s jeans and is dying to get to it! He gags on the girth of Brady’s beefy boner while Josh is eyeballing the boy’s bountiful booty. Brady spreads the boys perfectly round rump apart to get at the sweet center and dives in full force, fucking the kids hole with his tongue. Keeping the kid spread and ready Josh jams his giant jock inside Angel’s heavenly hole bareback as Rivera calls out for a spanking. Josh is more than happy to oblige, slapping the boy’s round rump till his flawless bronze flesh turns a pretty pink. Brady puts the newbie through some welcome to Helix hazing, remembering all the kinks Angel has cum to us to work out. Rivera rides Josh’e Johnson with Brady’s handprint branded onto his smooth ass cheek. Angel is in absolute ecstasy as his choking fantasy plays out while Josh pile drives dick deep into him. The two toned tube steak titans end spend in a cuddle puddle of sweet cum. Heavenly. Angel has found the perfect fit at Helix (and with Brady’s cock) and we’re SURE to see some down right deliciously dirty deeds from this angelic lil’ devil!

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