Spank and Suck

helix-studios - Spank and Suck

We’ve upped the ante with this smacktacular spank scene sizzler! Not only are we bringing you the hot, bare assed, booty beat down “Spank This” has become famous for; but, we’ve added extra spice to this one boys! The erotic experience opens with uber hot, tattooed newcomer, Ashtin Bates getting wet in the shower, swinging and cleaning his cock in a shared motel room with Adam Hunt. Alone in the bedroom, Adam’s curiosity gets the best of him, and the blond babe rifles through Bates’ belongings left on his bed. Needless to say, when Ashtin emerges from the shower clad in only a towel, the tatted bad boy is mad as hell and ready to teach Adam’s ass a lasting lesson. Bates pulls blondie off the bed, spins him around, bends him over and goes ham on that hind end! Our sexy spanker tries to keep his towel on; however, with the ass whooping he’s raining down on Adam, it’s nearly impossible. So, he balances the scales by having Hunt get naked. The can cracking continues till Ashtin turns Adam’s peaches and cream cheeks cherry red with Hunt butt ass naked over his knee. Dishing out the porny punishment works Ashtin up a bit more than even he anticipated, and our boy is ready for some raunchy relief, and release! He stands up, then orders Adam onto his knees. The tight bodied twink chokes down as much of Bates’ beef bone as he can before the tattooed hide tanner blasts the boy in the face blow after blow of naughty nut bust! Ashtin rubs his spent schlong all over Adam’s face, painting the pretty boy’s mug with fresh cum before he send the dirty boy to the bathroom to clean up.

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