Ethan Helms Solo Session

helix-studios - Ethan Helms Solo Session

Naughty North Carolina native Ethan Helms has the cocky confidence of a horny teen with a huge cock and willing to show it off! He holds nothing back while getting wet in a Vegas hot tub with Max Carter behind the camera who’s probing the pretty boy with porny questions. The all american looking lust bunny reveals he loves bottoming and shows off his hot hind end as it glistens in the golden desert sun. Ethan invades his own hot hole before Max takes over with a smack and spread before ordering the teen dream to turn around. The kid does as he’s told, turning to reveal his Clydesdale sized cock is definitely a grower! Carter can’t resist reaching out to wank the eighth wonder of the world which when swaying to the side, reaches over the hottie’s hip. Ethan eases back completely comfortable in front of the camera and as Carter caresses his crazy huge cock he pinches the naughty nerve endings in his nipple. Max eases his way down to Helms’ hungry hole making a pitstop at the boy’s beautifully big, spunk filled balls. Helms handles his huge hog while Max probes the boy’s admittedly favorite source of pleasure. The Vegas sun is still gleaming on the golden guy capturing the teen’s barely there peach fuzz as Max maneuvers a thick finger deep in his beautiful bum. Ethan lifts his lean legs letting Carter know he’s ready for more. Max gives the boy what he wants and soon several fingers disappear deep inside to massage Helms hot spot. Our famous dick director eases back, knowing from experience he’s brought the boy to the breaking point and a magnificent money shot is about to go down. Carter captures Ethan at every angle as he handles his big business. The sun god tickles his own tush once more before turning all his attention to that skyscraper appendage as it spews out pure white pleasure pears. Ethan runs his fingers through the days hard work, scoops it up and lets us know how sweet he tastes. Yum.

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