Lucky Leo

helix-studios - Lucky Leo

After a lips smacking suck face session lucky Leo Frost kneels before latin lust lord Angel Rivera to pull down his red hot underwear. Frost can’t control the sexy smile that cums over his face when Angel’s formidable phallus flops out. He knows he’s in for a fucking good time; so are we! Leo thrusts the thick dick down his throat in a gag worthy wang suck that prompts Angel to treat the twink’s tight tush to a tasty treat. With his boy on his belly, Rivera rams his face deep in the young dude’s derriere, spreading Frost’s smooth cheeks as saliva seeps from his full lips. He spanks the kid’s can while cramming his tongue deeper and deeper while Leo arches his back, hinting for a hammering. – photos.

Ass master Angel understands the boy’s beautiful body language and slips his raw dick in Frost’s wet and ready rump. Rivera gets cocky creative in a super hot squatting position so he can pummel penis down into the dude’s dick hungry hole while our cock cam captures HIS beautiful bubble butt burying that bone into his bottom. Panting with passion, Angel lays back and his the fiercely fuckable Frost get on top. Leo leans into the pleasure , accepting every inch while Rivera stares at Leo’s extra large twink torpedo. The bouncing bone is too tempting and Angel can’t resist spitting on his palm and giving the guy a hot handy. Amped up and ready for more, Rivera picks Leo up and carries him to the bedroom to bring this bang to the fucktastic finish line! Filled up with cock and carnal desire, Frost jacks his oversized appendage till he covers his shredded six pack with sex seed. Rivera keeps ramming till he joins the juice-fest, manhandling his massive meat as it machine guns goo all over Frost’s freshly fucked ass!

Leo Frost and Angel Rivera

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