Dylan Hayes Solo

helix-studios - Dylan Hayes Solo

Dylan Hayes is a gorgeous “boy next door” type who’s letting his bad boy side shine in his first ever solo stroke scene! Hunky director Max Carter is armed with a camera and a butt load of charm that heats Hayes up till he slips right out of his clothes! Dylan has super star written all over him with his leading young man good looks, all over tan AND a twink tool that’ll leave you breathless! The kid’s not only gifted in the groin department, he’s got one of THE most beautifully round, smooth booties you will ever see. We find out the fine fucker loves to bottom but when Carter sees the kid’s colossal cock he can’t help but ask the boy again. Dylan’s huge hog is hypnotic; however Max knows there’s “gold in them there hills” and gets our good guy to be beautifully bad. The future super star shakes and spreads his smooth supple seat while Carter caresses the sweet center. Max can’t help but bury a thick finger in Hayes hot hole. Hayes gets mighty comfortable laying back on the sofa like a boss. He throws his legs in the air and lets Carter control his hole and giant, juicy jock. Max spanks the kid’s caboose then spanks his diamond hard dick before leaving Dylan to his own delicious devices. Using TWO hands, Dylan braces his bone at the base and milks the magnificent mushroom head until he explodes with the fantastic, furious fury of a first timer pulsing with pure pleasure and excitement. He lays there content in his large load looking like pure porn perfection. It doesn’t get better than this boys.

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