Training Session

helix-studios - Training Session

Trainer Blake Mitchell has a new client, blond twink Jamie Ray. Mitchell is hell bent on whipping the kid into shape but after a few bench presses and squats it’s clear Jamie isn’t as dedicated as he should be. So, Blake decides to take another approach and has blondie bend over the weight bench. The shirtless stud beats the boy’s butt while making the pretty problem child promise to show up on time, take training more seriously and quit wasting his parents money. Even though Ray hasn’t been doing his squats in the gym correctly, he’s DEFINITELY been squatting on SOMETHING to get that ass tight and right. Blake takes notice and whips Ray’s pants off then whips that smooth ass till it’s a pretty pink! Blake masters the boy’s booty with creativity, cramming the kid’s undies up his crack then spreading his cheeks and caressing the twink’s taint to ease the precious pain before grabbing the kid’s cock and swatting the hottie’s hole. Blake makes Jamie promise to be a good boy and finish his work out before he heads out to another client. The booty beating definitely worked because as soon as Mitchell takes off, Jamie jumps on the squats to get that ass in tip top shape for his next “session.”

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