In the Grip of Garrett Graves

helix-studios - In the Grip of Garrett Graves

Lean, mean, big dicked machine Garrett Graves brings jacking off to an art form in this smolderingly hot self love strokathon. This blond beefcake has an olympic swimmer’s body and the colossal cock to match! Graves definitely takes pride in both. Worshipping his amazing appendage with the devotion a big dick like this deserves, Garrett takes us on his epic orgasmic jack off journey. The peaches and cream dream is clad in bad boy black briefs, highlighting his flawless complexion and caging a cock that wants to cum out and play. After a tempting tease where the boy rubs his own rippling body, Garrett reaches in his straining undies and grabs for his ever growing groin. He pulls out one of the longest, thickest, most fabulously veiny dicks we’ve seen in a while. The view from the side is breath taking, Graves giant jack hammer hangs hard and heavy and his rock hard perfectly round rump will leave you ravenous. The boy clearly enjoys his gifts and is more that happy to show them off. Spread eagle toward our camers Graves jack his giant with one hand and keeps the other planted firmly up his hot, hairless, pretty pink hole with multiple fat fingers. As he gets close, his moans grow animalistic and his muscles tense, showing off his fuckable physique and strong jaw. The thick vein underneath the kid’s cock gets even fatter, pumping genetically perfect fuck juice right in the kid’s face as he leaves his mouth open, anxious to taste himself. Garrett runs his hands over his sexy, sticky, cream covered body and then licks his fingers. This one is definitely good to the last drop.

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