Helix Studios – Naughty Roommates

Helix Studios presents Justin Owen and Cooper Steel in “Naughty Roommates”. Release Date: Aug 09, 2016. Video Duration: 16 minutes.


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Justin Owen and Cooper Steel

Young playboy Justin Owen gets home and starts to let off a bit of steam with a sexy masturbation session. His beautiful roommate Cooper Steel cant keep his eyes off Justin as he peeks around the corner. You can tell the sexual tension has been building between these two as Justin offers the blonde twink Cooper a front row seat. This is Coopers lucky day and he helping his masculine mate out with a hot hand and then a hot mouth! Justin returns the favor, then even takes it a step further by slapping the twink’s hot piece of meat across his gorgeous face as he deep throats the boy.

Cooper cocks his hips back, inviting his roommate in where he is never been before and Justin takes total control. He slams his big dick deep as he gives Cooper a nice spanking with his hands and his balls. Justin Owen orders the blonde to flex his tight asshole and this sends the young guy over the edge. He is quickly on the bed! His legs in the air with Justin pommeling his ass hard.

Then Cooper moans as a perfectly pure cum shot arks across his rock hard torso. This sends top man Justin into overdrive and he works Cooper’s cock like a stick shift till he nuts all over the boy… Amazing video!

Naughty Roommates

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