Bubble Bath

helix-studios - Bubble Bath

Bathtub buddies Jared Scott and Marcell Tykes turn butt buddies in this steamy bareback bathroom bang! The guys are sharing an enormous tub right next to a mirror, which gives us DOUBLE the pleasure. Sultry, splish-splashing foreplay gets the twink’s tallywhackers pointing north and Tykes needs more than taste of Scott’s sizable surfboard. So, Jared hops up on the tub’s ledge and gives his guy’s throat a wet workout. Marcell has divine dick sucking skills and looks delicious bobbing up and down on that “D” as his bubble butt bounces, breaking the water’s surface. After tickling Tykes’ tonsils, Jared jams his face in Marcell’s magnificent muscle butt for an epic ass eating. He wraps his arms under the boy’s legs and licks ass like a man possessed, priming the porn star’s pretty pucker with his tongue, a few fingers and a few spanks for good measure. Wet and ready, Marcell braces himself on all fours for some serious bareback banging. Scott gives the gorgeous smooth seat one more lick then, slides his super sized schlong in the boy’s beautiful behind. Jared let’s the lad adjust to his oversized appendage with slow strokes before putting the peen pedal to the medal. The boys make good use of every available inch of the tub…. and Jared’s cock! After Scott dirty dogs the dude, Tykes takes a ride on the horse hung hog facing his fuck stud and then away, cock to cam. Marcell closes his eyes in absolute ecstasy while cranking up the heat on his hog; then, he releases a monster sized load that arches through the air and splashes into the water. The after shocks splatter onto his beautiful bronze body as Jared’s giant is about to blow. Tykes eases that amazing ass back just a bit, allowing Scott to bust on his buttery brown skin. Jared’s jizz jets out of his giant junk and comes careening down onto Marcell’s dick! The boys get good and dirty and definitely need another bath after this bust heavy, hammer session.

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