Wandering Hands

helix-studios - Wandering Hands

Danny Nelson has been crushing on his buddy Aiden Garcia for a while. When he finally scores an invite to Garcia’s place to watch a movie, he makes a porny promise to himself not to let this orgasmic opportunity go to waste! He isn’t sure if Aiden feels the same way so he tests the waters by “accidentally” grazing Garcia’s gorgeously golden legs with his feisty fingers. Aiden calls him on it but then ups the ante by placing Nelson’s naughty hand on his crotch to get at the REAL goods! Aiden turns the tv off then turns his attention to Danny and some dirty deeds. The pretty pair suck face before Danny gets down to suck Aiden’s ample appendage. Nelson has been dreaming of this delicious dick for some time and dives into the tasty task by giving the golden god a grade A knob job. His wildest wet dreams are cumming true as Aiden peels off Danny’s drawers and deep throats the dude while cupping his cum filled balls. Garcia is still hungry. He orders up a Danny dessert by asking the amazing alabaster assed kid to turn over. Nelson shoves his peaches and cream dream derriere in Aiden’s face to receive a ravenous rump rocking tongue fuck. Naturally Nelson asks for more and Garcia has the mighty meat to satisfy his salacious hunger. Aiden aims his dream dick at the wet pink pucker, adds spit for extra pleasure, then eases that big bareback bone in the kid’s beautiful backdoor. Open and ready from that amazing ass eating, Danny takes in every inch of the bareback tube steak with a sexy, sly smile. Garcia shifts gears and gets a ball slapping symphony going before offering the anglo ass champ a ride. Nelson straddles his dreamboat then squats down on the long schlong which splits his two tight and tasty butt cheeks clean up the center. Garcia’s raunchy rhythm stills for a second. Then, his hog heaves it’s salty seed up into the beautiful bottom’s booty. He pulls his piece out to allow the orgasmic ooze to drip out of the kid’s freshly cocked caboose. Danny is wrapped up in cum induced ecstasy as Aiden crams his still dripping dick back up the boy’s butt. He bounces on the big boner till his pecker pops off, nailing Garcia with a load of goo right on the chin and all down his smooth, taut tummy. The tasty twosome lie down on the couch, spent, satisfied and sliding around in their our slick seed.

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