Raw Rubdown

helix-studios - Raw Rubdown

Trained dancer, Marcelo Tykes is a bit sore from rehearsal and needs his tight twunk muscles rubbed down. Lucky for him, blond babe Travis Stevens makes in house calls and quickly gets to work on the beautiful bronze ballet boy. Travis takes his sweet time, enjoying every inch of Marcell’s lean, muscled body as he massages the young man. Marcell’s meaty booty is one of the best butts on the planet and Travis can’t help but take a trip down south to knead that donk like dough. However, after one hit of that hot hind and our master masseur is hooked! Stevens slips off the dude’s drawers and plants his pretty face in Tykes’ tight tush, tongue fucking the fine ass fella for all he’s worth. Once Stevens feels his work area is ready, he slips HIS main muscle in Tykes’ tight tunnel, leaving our bottom boy moaning for more! The boys make FULL use of Marcell’s mattres in the barback bangathon, serving up several schlong stiffening positions before BOTH boys end this massage with a happy ending.

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