#Helix: Luke Wilder and Andy Taylor

helix-studios - #Helix: Luke Wilder and Andy Taylor

There’s never been a better time to release a #Helix! The series where you, the fans can ask your favorite models ANYTHING and EVERYTHING via Twitter; and our boys never hold back! One of our MOST popular models, Andy Taylor is BACK and, has a ton of tasty tiles coming your right here at Helix! We’ve hooked Andy up with one of our HOTTEST models, Luke Wilder as a welcome home present and the porntastic sparks fly from the start! They have crazy hot chemistry with a comfortable, fun jokey vibe which leads to an entertaining round of answers to your queries. After graciously accepting all the love from Twitter, Andy explains he simply took a small break and is ecstatic to come back with a bang! Thanks to you, the guys get into everything such as swapping lifeguard stories, what their dream date would be and, favorite sex positions. Andy even chats about his past scenes a bit, then teases some special upcoming surprises he’s already filmed; which, you’ll only see here! Your raunchy requests always get the guys groin’s geared up for gorgeous scenes! You guys definitely didn’t hold back, asking the boys to lick, kiss and spank one another. After acting out your porny persuasions, we let the boys do what they do best! Always the pleaser, Luke down Taylor’s thick dick then, tosses Taylor’s legs in the air and does ham on his uber hot hind end! Andy gets on all fours and gorges on Wilder’s wide weapon while Luke examines his perfect pucker with wandering hands. He grabs fistfuls of Andy’s beautifully smooth, bubble butt while Taylor tackles his tasty torpedo. Wilder can’t wait to get in the porn legends loins. He breaks in the boy’s super smooth back door and quickly gets to banging, hitting it hard while sucking on Taylor’s tasty lips.

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