Spring Fever

helix-studios - Spring Fever

Much like any other day, Jared Scott is hard at work in the garden. He takes the best care of the luscious landscape, making sure every inch is always raked and hoed before giving his favorite bush a healthy hose down. Just then, tight bodied track star Zach Letoa jogs by, and is very impressed with the gorgeous gardener’s talent with his tools. Lateo does a second lap, and Scott likes what he sees too. Jared’s not the only expert on hoeing; and in a track star second, the sexy strangers sneak off and put their talents to work! Jared can’t keep his huge hands off the runner’s righteous rump as he peels him out of his hot, sweaty running clothes. The randy racer drops to his knees and tastes every thick inch the lusty landscapeer’s long tool. After working outside in the heat all morning, Scott needs to quench his thirst by taking a big gulp of Zach’s gorgeously girthy, thick dick. The whorey horticulturist notices the sports star’s back field is in desperate need of some plowing. Jared jams his juicy lips in the jock’s smooth center while tasting the sweet, salty sweat from his morning run. Zach’s backside is a thing of beauty, just begging for a banging. Scott pushes his big, bareback beast in the boy’s butt, then gets to work tilling the twink’s fields with a ferocious fuck. After working him hard, the horny hoer has Zach hop up on his tractor for a ride. The track and field fuck boy explodes spread eagle riding Jared’s big rig. His pulsing pole pushes out a huge load of fresh cream even a dairy farmer would be proud of! Unable to move after that ass work out, Zach stays seated, perfectly in line with the gardener’s huge hose. The blue collar top uncorks his cock and hoses the athlete’s ass DOWN, draining his dick completely. Then, Scott shoves his slick schlong back inside, seeding all up in Latoa’s hot hole. One never knows, romance may grow from this erotic, anonymous, afternoon encounter. Jared does have a green thumb after all!

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