Taylor Coleman Solo Session

helix-studios - Taylor Coleman Solo Session

Taylor Coleman is the quintessential Cali kid. This blond beach bum loves older guys, is more of a bottom and LOVES a little love scar, such as bites, scratches or hickeys! It doesn’t take much coaxing from delicious director Max Carter to get Coleman to show off his hotness. This kid is a pretty show pony with hypnotic good looks. After a slight schlong tease in the front, Max gets Taylor to tempt us with his hind end where a smacking good mini-spank goes down. Taylor even tells Carter to slap that ass HARDER! When he does turn around, Coleman lets Carter take control of the cock unveiling. Max reaches in the dude’s drawers to pull out that prize piece so he can give the new guy a welcome handy. Then, Taylor’s tight end is treated to a thoroughly hot ass inspection from Carter’s delicious digits. The beautiful blond eye fucks the camera AND Carter hard once on his back again. So, Max is more than happy to lend a hand here and there. Coming into the home stretch though, Max steps back to capture the gooey glory that erupts from the kid’s cock. Seed splashes all over Taylor’s tight six pack! Max goes in to milk the last luscious drops of liquid dick and the eye fucking continues…..

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