helix-studios - Foreplay

Caleb Gray’s not only gifted in the groin department, but the boy is on hell of a guitar player as well! Alan Davis is entranced as Gray strums his guitar. He thinks to himself, if this guy can stroke an instrument this good, just imagine the songs he could make my schlong sing! Davis dives in, displaying talents of his on big cocked Caleb’s skin flute. Noticing a naughty, enticing protrusion poking from Alan’s shorts, Gray gets to work on Davis’s dick before Alan orders the guitar guy to get on his knees for a tongue lashing to his tight tush. After Caleb’s sexy serenade, Davis decides to thank the talented twink with a blistering hot, bareback bang. Caleb’s cock is too perfect not to put to good so Alan bounces on that bitch like a pogo stick while kissing Gray’s pretty mouth. The tasty twosome take turns on one another’s asses and once Caleb is on his back stroking his beast of a boner, not only is is a beautiful sight, but the sex soaked sounds mixed with Gray telling Davis to dick him harder is divine. The hard hammering from Davis makes Caleb cream wildly while Alan continues cranking his cock inside the boy’s spasming butt hole. Davis drowns Gray’s entire groin and ass with glorious gobs of white hot gooey goodness. Yum.

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