Flip Fucked

helix-studios - Flip Fucked

This back and forth, versatile bang-fest finds Sebastian Fox and Chase Williams craving every carnal pleasure, and going after it with groin stretching gusto! Exhibitionist Sebastian sits up on the back of the couch with the living room blinds open while Williams strips the sexy boy of his pants, anxious to get at that pulsing appendage. He dines on dick like a king, deep throating every thick inch the pretty boy has to offer, and even tongue bathing his smooth balls. Fox pulls the fair haired fuck boy up by the face, plants a kiss on his lips, then continues kissing down the dude’s tight torso, stopping to give special attention to the gorgeous guy’s pierced nipples. He takes his time, teasing Williams with his warm mouth over his undies; then, he pulls the fire engine red rod huggers down and slurps down that super sized schlong. He bobs his head on the boy’s bone as Chase tweaks his sensitive nips. Then, he has the hottie get on all fours; so, he can bury his beautiful face in the boy’s smooth back yard for a tongue punching good time. Williams arches his back like an alley cat in heat, letting Sebastian know he’s ready for some smashing. Fox aims his power piece at the boy’s pink pucker and plunges the entire length deep inside. The cock cam goes goes in tight, capturing the teen’s tight sphincter stretching around Fox’s fat phallus as he fucks. Chase makes the cock slinger an offer the horned up hottie can’t refuse. And, Sebastian takes the teen titans up on it, by sitting right down on the dude’s thick dick. After his hole adjusts the the big beast, Fox gets up on his feet and jumps on that giant jock for all he’s worth! The polite pound puppies enjoy spreading the pleasure evenly; so, Sebastian slides back between Williams’ legs and then, slides his sex sword back where it belongs. He slays his sexed up bottom till the boy busts, covering his sexy center with fresh, hot, jock juice. Fuck bunny Fox picks up the pace, then pulls out and adds a plethora of porny putty to the party. He milks every last dick drop from his fatty, then kisses his afternoon ass partner passionately.

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