I'll Take it From Here

helix-studios - I'll Take it From Here

It’s been a bit since gorgeous Gabriel Martin has made a movie; but, this super sexy scene was well worth the wait! The golden boy is armed with his phone, a hungry hole, and an amazing uncut cock! The latin lust god texted anglo adonis Luke Wilder who’s on the way, but takes matters into his own hands while he waits. Martin manhandles his thick throbber next to a fully mirrored wall so we get a double dose of that delicious dick! Soon enough, Luke Wilder comes bursting through the bedroom door on a manly mission to deliver straight up, hard cock to the tasty bronze boy on the bed! The cock calvary has arrived! Wilder plants a kiss on the kid, then plants his wet lips around Martin’s massive member, eating every thick inch and even gobbling the goo filled globes. Martin rips Luke’s clothes off, revealing his statue of David like physique and is rewarded with an epic face fucking! The hungry whore hasn’t been with us in a while and his hunger for hog has certainly grown! The famished fuck star gorges on the guy’s groin for all he’s worth before Wilder orders the wild boy to turn around. In one spit slick, swift thrust Luke lays every inch of pipe inside pretty boy’s perfectly smooth posterior. The bareback top dawg destroy’s the dick hungry dude’s dirt road at every turn! He tenderizes that twink tush from the back, on a raw ride AND slams the slut all the way home on his side where Gabriel’s groin goes off, jetting jizz absolutely everywhere! Then, Luke pulls out and paints the beautiful bronze boy with layers of man load!

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