Best Laid Plans

helix-studios - Best Laid Plans

Super sexy Danny Nelson and Evan Parker are on their first date, strolling through a beautiful San Diego park the boys share their future plans, hopes and dreams. Being young and gorgeous, the world is their oyster and they have their entire lives ahead of them. BUT, right now at this very moment all they want is DICK and these boys both got a lot of it! They each pummel the back of one another’s throats without a gag reflex to be found. Evan then grabs Danny by the ankles, lifting his legs as high as they’ll go till the boys but is spread and ready for a ramming. Nelson is relatively new to the Helix roster so Evan gives him full service, putting the twink through the paces in several sultry deep dicking positions. Danny’s twinky body is so tight and toned, Parker wraps his arms around his entire body, enveloping his entire body as he power fucks the kid and even tosses a few fingers inside feeling the boys heat from the inside. Nelson can no longer contain his excitement, OR his CUM and the kid nuts with youthful force! Evan soon follows, dowsing the newbie with a hot load of dick right in his pretty face.

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