Mating Season

helix-studios - Mating Season

North Carolina native Hunter Graham and Ethan Helms are really hitting it off on their first date at a beautiful park with a shimmering lake. It’s going so well that Ethan is cocky and confident Hunter’s hole is a sure thing and invites the tiny twink back to his place. His confidence pays off in spades the minute the door closes behind these horny hotties. Ethan showers Hunter’s hot little body with kisses before sending some of that devotion down to the dude’s dick. Then, Graham gets on his knees to marvel at the magnificent mound of meat pushing against Ethan’s undies, anxiously awaiting release in more ways than one. Hunter pulls the tight white straining Calvin’s down, and out flops a big ball bat sized boner. Graham gorges on the girthy groin with a little help from Helms strong hand on the back of his pretty head. The rock star cock sucker knows he deserves a prize after that dynamic dick lick and pushes his own pretty peen back in Helms hungry mouth before finagling his fine ass fanny to the perfect place for an eating. After eating his way to Hunter’s heart, Ethan enter’s the boy’s beautiful backdoor with his bionic bareback cock. Graham groan with that perfect coital combination of pleasure and pain as top twink tears that ass UP, doing his damnedest to fit his entire fat phallus inside. Ethan devices a dick delivery plan while turning Hunter on his side and sure enough, his entire thick dick disappears inside the tiny twink. Helms huge cum filled low hangers bang against Hunter’s hot little ass as the boy screams for more. Open and ready for a ride, Hunter hops atop the jumbo joystick, bouncing every inch of Ethan inside his ravenous, smooth rump. With all that pure, plump pleasure pulsating in his pipes, Hunter’s hammer bangs out a burst of boy cream that splatters all over Ethan’s tight torso. Helms heat is rising and Hunter feels it in his hole. He jumps off the kid’s giant jock and plants his pretty face in the line of fire. Graham parts his pouty lips and sticks out his tongue to use it as a cum catcher before just going full out and downing the spurting schlong once more. He cums up for air and gives Helms a hot “thank you for an amazing dick filled date” sticky kiss.

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