After School Slam

helix-studios - After School Slam

Jared Scott and Julian Bell start the day off in bed with snuggles and sultry kisses. Jared amps things up when he takes a trip down below to blow Bell’s protruding blond boy boner. He does the dude’s dick mighty right and Julian returns the fellatio favor in spades! Scott isn’t gonna let his spit slicked schlong go to waste and rams the raw rig deep into Bell’s beautiful booty. He nails the naughty blond like a bad bitch, giving the twink a five star fuck tour of his titanic tube steak in every porny position. The ecstasy (and their salty seed) builds to a fever pitch. Bell grabs his throbbing bone and juices the jock till it spits a healthy load ALL over the bed. Jared unloads on the boy’s back and butt, then plants a kiss on the nasty nordic lad’s lusty lips.

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