Landon Vega Solo Session – Helix Studios

Helix Studios presents Landon Vega and Max Carter in “LANDON VEGA SOLO SESSION”. Release Date: February 21, 2017. Video Duration: 18 Minutes.


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Landon Vega with Max Carter

Hot gay boy Landon Vega is jailbait young but he is definitely not little. Really! This sexy latin cutie comes from Carolina with a just hint of a sexy southern drawl. Helix star Max Carter chats him up and finds out he likes some pretty butch activities like hunting and fishing. He also finds out he’s got a very big cock, which he pulls out and slaps against the cute boys tight torso. Soon, the thing is so heavy and thick it lands with a loud thud and gets harder with every whack! The boy’s hard dick is so beautiful it even has the cutest little beauty mark, it’s like the “super model” of cocks. Don’t miss!

Landon Vega even hasn’t one ounce of fat on him and his slim waist gives his back that perfect “V” shape. Just when you think he can’t get anymore sexy, he turns around and shows off his perky plump but tiny bubble butt. So hot! Then horny Max plays with it for a while, making sure we get a nice deep view. Finally, Landon must like it cause then he gets in there with his own thick fingers. This gets his big dick twitching and nearly ready to erupt. He looks directly into the camera, gives us a bad boy smirk then squirts his seed in the air. After that he can’t stop smiling and the boy has a sexy smile!

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