Smooth Moves

helix-studios - Smooth Moves

David Rhodes and Bryce Foster are feelin’ frisky at the beach playing a lil’ game of “hand slap” OR-using any excuse to touch one another as theres obvious electricity in the air. After winning, blond boy Bryce plants a kiss on tall, dark and handsome David as the two head for home. He may have lost the hand slap game, but David’s dick is winning in the bedroom as his whopper sized wang is waxed and worked on by expert cock jockey Foster. Rhodes wants a piece of Bryce’s bulging bone as well and works the blond’s surprisingly sizable schlong down to the balls as Foster pushes our swarthy olive skinned hottie by the back of the head. Like a twinktastic game of naked Twister, the pretty pair wind up twisted around one another’s tasty parts in a lip smacking 69 before Bryce is hypnotized by David’s dynamic dick and NEEDS to ride the monster. Foster mounts the massive beast bareback and as he bounces in glorious giant jock- butt banging bliss, his own engorged bone bangs against David’s sexy six pack. Rhodes cups the kid’s can and slams his massive meat up inside the cute cock hungry cherub. Looking at Bryce’s perfect piece bouncing in his face cooks up a cock need in David’s derriere and our bronze boy asks for a well earned banging which he gets in spades. After enjoying a fierce fuck from Foster, Rhodes top senses kick back in and he orders the blond onto his knees. Bryce in on all fours in an an instant and David is dicking the dude with hair pulling precision as the sweet sound of big cum filled balls slapping tight twink ass fills the air. Foster can’t hold his load and floods the bed with his load. Rhodes continues to rail the kid until pounds of pure white pleausure pour from his epic piece!

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