WTF Jamie?!

helix-studios - WTF Jamie?!

Master of the manor Max Carter let his boy Jamie Ray tend to his beloved dog Duke, but little Jamie slacked off and now it’s time to pay. Max teaches the kid a lesson in responsibility with a rousing rump beating! Carter cranks out spanking after spanking, each landing with a loud SMACK. Ray gets it good! Max whacks the kid over his jeans but decides to take the tush torture further by pantsing the pretty boy and leaving just his undies on which he hikes into the kid’s crack. After tenderizing the plump, firm fanny till it’s red and raw, he gets the young guy completely naked and over his knee to continue the cock stiffening ass assault. Max even smacks the twink’s hot hole while making him repent. After flipping the kid onto his other knee to even things out a bit, Carter tosses the boy’s bright red booty over his shoulder then sends him on his way, lesson learned.

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