Bang Boys

helix-studios - Bang Boys

Cock extending chemistry cruises through these two horny teens the second they appear on screen. Dustin Cook has his tongue down Jack Phillip’s throat and a hand down his pants when we join the two twinks playing tonsil on the bed. Cool cuts to the chase and lets Jack know he needs a knob gobbling and the horned up hottie happily obliges with a deep throat slam down on the dude’s thick dick. Dustin wants a taste as well and has Phillips inch forward on the bed till he’s directly above him. Cook pulls at the guy’s elastic waistband, allowing that huge hog to flop right into his mouth! Dustin devours the big, beautiful bear like the bone smoking bastard he is while Phillips gives him a hot handy. The peen pendulum in his face is hypnotizing and causes a deep hunger in Dustin’s hot little hole; so, he climbs on top of the twink and slams his ham down on the dude’s bareback boner and bobs that booty up and down with delight. The sexy butt sluts switch it up as Cook uncorks and Jack gets on all fours in front of him, hungry for hammering of his own. Dustin sllides every inch in and dicks the dude down! He pulls pretty boy’s booty back towards his bone by keeping his hands on his back or shoulders so he can slam schlong at optimum speed. Then, Dustin wraps his arms fully around the fine ass fella for a kiss before hopping back on the bed with his legs in the air. Jack jams his juicy Johnson backup the boy’s butt and Cook keeps a hand on his thigh as he does, pulling that peen deeper inside him. Dustin delivers some sexy dirty talk about Phillips’ super sized schlong which gets Jack’s jock pumping at porn star speed. Dustin’s breath quickens and his cock thrusts our thick, white hot pleasure that splatters onto his smooth stomach. Jack keeps pumping till he busts inside the boy’s twitching tunnel, coating his insides with a hefty load of cum. The panting pretty boys kiss as Phillips falls onto Cook’s cum soaked torso.

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