Alpha Top Flip Flop

helix-studios - Alpha Top Flip Flop

This is the one you’ve been waiting for folks! Our two alpha tops, Johnny Hands and Josh Brady together….. for a flip flop fuck fest of EPIC proportions! The studly Spartans start off with a manly make out so hot and heavy, you can almost smell the musk radiating from the screen. Willing to expand his erotic horizons (or, assert his dominance in the clash of the titans,) Johnny wraps his warm mouth around Brady’s beefy boner and gives the guy’s engorged groin a hot hummer worthy of a warrior. Never one to be out done, type A Josh jumps on his buddy’s jock and delivers a deep throat session so severely sexy, johnny has to stop before he blows. He orders the brawny bone sucker over to a bench, booty in the air and absolutely assassinates the boy’s amazing ass! He penetrates the alpha’s ass with a darting tongue and shakes his handsome head back and forth like a dog with a big, meaty bone! Once his work area is good and wet, Hands heaves his thirsty Thor hammer balls deep in his dude. Johnny jackhammers that hole like a cocksure construction worker; then mounts the man like a lion giving us a gorgeous view of their tight top man holes. Exhausted from fucking something FIERCE, Johnny takes a beat, only to have Brady ask, “I get to fuck you now right?” Much to everyone’s surprise, the dominant dick slinger comes back with, “yes please.” Hands sits his smooth muscle ass right in Brady’s beautiful face, giving him a fucktastic feast to eat! Then, Johnny mounts the beefcake’s bareback stick and puts on a porny performance that’ll leave you breathless… and raging hard! Hands completely enjoyed the hard cock in his ass; however, his dom side does kick in and he buries his bone back in Brady’s butt which sends the bad boy over the edge and shooting seed from his super sized cock. Hands joins the juice fest, aiming his appendage directly at his new favorite place, Brady’s freshly fucked butthole. He crams the still spitting schlong back inside the tight warm confines and the two titans of topping cuddle up together in celebration of a job well done. Than you for the perfect packages boys, Christmas definitely came early this year!

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