Bathroom Break

helix-studios - Bathroom Break

It’s hard to sneak away with five buddies hanging out playing video games, but Collin Adams is hungry for cock and isn’t gonna let pleasantries stand in the way of his porn star appetite! Kevin Daley is lookin’ fine as hell seated next to him so he gives the guy a little toe tickle as a signal, then hightails his hot tail to the adjacent bathroom. Naturally Kevin follows. He instantly lays a lusty lip lock and a game of grab ass down on the dude. Collin grabs at Kevin’s horse cock then whips the whopper out. After their heated make out sesh he squats down on the bathroom floor to gobble as much of the big rig as he can, gagging all along the way. He can’t quite fit the entire phallus in his tiny twink mouth but he makes up for it by working the balls and licking the long length. Kevin crouches down and delivers some love to Adams’ appendage which is already peeking out above his waistband. He deep throats the dude good and sucks his nads then Collin spins around to plant his perfect little pucker in Kevin’s face. Daley devours the twink’s tasty booty as Adams is bent over the bathroom counter stroking his schlong and moaning for more. He spreads the boy’s alabaster ass cheeks and gives the kid the full treatment before standing up with his humongous hog in hand. It’s a mighty impressive instrument and looks like it might split the tight twink in two; however, Adams ass is hungry, wet and ready for a ramming. Keving spits on his hand, lubes his lance and plunges forward into Collin’s ravenous rump. Dailey works his dick slowly at first while Collin’s pretty face is a wash with pleasure and pain. He eventually opens up and Daley puts the cock pedal to the medal. He slams the boy with all he’s got till his torso is smashing against Adams’ ass. Daley steps back and orders his dick bitch onto his back. Thankfully the bathroom counter is made of strong stone because Daley doesn’t fuck around. He spices up every stroke, sliding in from the side then straight ahead and HARD, pounding Adams’ prostate. Pretty boy can’t take it any longer and launches a load several feet in the air, nailing himself with nut nearly to his neck and all over that sexy six pack. Daley whips his wonder wang out then splashes the kid’s smooth balls with fresh, hot boy batter. With his track star like body rippling right, he bends down to kiss his conquest. Then, both guys get dressed without saying a word and rejoin their friends still playing video games none the wiser.

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