helix-studios - Bookworm

Taylor Coleman is buried in a book; but, boyfriend Caleb Gray would rather be be buried in HIM! He’s been looking fine as fuck all day with his swinging dick swaying around in sweatpants hypnotizing Caleb and, making him hungry for cock! Gray is always looking gorgeous and Coleman can’t resist with the brunette bone hungry boy snuggled up tight, right next to him. After a seductive kiss, Caleb casts the book aside for his boy, who judging by the looks of his large loin stretching to full mast, fully visible in those sweet sweatpants, doesn’t seem to mind. Taylor tells Caleb to stop teasing with the kisses and just suck his dick already! To say the invitation was accepted would be an understatement! Cock lover Caleb is on his knees in an instant, slobbing his dirty blonde babe’s boner like a beast. When he finally does come up for air, Gray shoves his raging groin right by Taylor’s tongue. The twink takes the hint and goes ham on his boy’s hog while multitasking on himself with a hot handy. Caleb brings the boys mouth crashing down into his cock with a heavy hand at the back of his head. Taylor loves every slick, slobbery second of it and after a kiss, goes back in and works his guy’s gonads as a bonus. Taylor’s twink tower is aching for some ass so, Gray hops on the hard hog for a bangin’ good bareback ride. Our famous cock cam swings underneath to catch the schlong slamming action as Coleman crams all he’s got up into Gray’s gorgeous gape. The cock crazed couple switch spots and Taylor let’s Caleb serve the cock while his hog helicopters around as he bounces on that big rig like a madman. When blondie’s butt has had it’s fill, he beg’s to fuck his fine ass fella once again. He goes at the boy’s booty hard as hell, slamming schlong balls deep till he fucks the cum right out of Gray who glazes his entire tight tires with a glorious amount of goo.

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