Limo Lust

helix-studios - Limo Lust

Max Carter picks Ashton Summers up from the airport in a limo. After the driver takes off for the Vegas strip, the sexy studs let primal passion take over and tear into one another right there in the back seat! Max can feel Summers’ thick dick throbbing beneath his jeans. He pulls the hot hunk’s pants down while Ashton peels off his shirt. His beefy cock is too big for his tight white underwear, and it peeks out over his waistband. He looks hot as hell, and Max makes a meal of his huge hog. He sucks down every inch while cars cruise by. Summers steals a kiss, then fills his mouth with hard cock. Ravenous, the randy road rager rams his tongue in Max’s pink pucker, getting his hole good and wet. Confident the boy’s back road is open, Summers drives dick in dirty dog. Then, the toned top takes a seat so Max can hop on for a ride. Cars pass by and horns honk as Max hammers his hips down hard. Then, he flips onto his back so Ashton can drive his hotrod at top speed. He cruises down Max’s back road, pumping hot peen till Carter’s cock spits salty seed onto his well worked out abs. Ashton wraps his arm behind his bottom’s neck and steps on the gas! The back seat bang boy explodes, splashing Carter with his oozy, sticky sweet, street skeet. The camera pans toward the window; and, we see the limo has been parked. Guess the driver was just chilling, enjoying one hell of a good show!

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