Cade Russels Solo Session

helix-studios - Cade Russels Solo Session

Texas twink Cade Russels is a college cutie who’s smart and sexy with a giant juicy jock that’ll make your jaw drop! Max Carter gets the beautiful blond boy’s boner motor running while talking about the tight bodied teen’s taste for BDSM before ordering the bad boy strip down to his black boxer briefs. Cade smiles coyly, exuding the kind of cocky young confidence that comes with having a colossal cock! The dirty blond babe reaches in his underwear and works his wide wang with a little help from Max’s masterful hands. Carter helps the hottie drop his drawers and gives the gorgeous girthy groined guy a uber hot hand job. He strokes the super sized schlong then, pulls the raging hard rig down only to release the beast, causing a booming boner thud as the thick dick slaps the dude’s smooth, shredded stomach. Cade turns around and shows off his other side which is just as fine as the front! His back seat is smooth and plump with a bit of peach fuzz and it’s just begging for a finger banging! Carter lubes up his digits and dives in to the delicious derrire. The guys take turns tantalizing the twink’s tight tunnel AND his huge hog hanging down below. Our boy turns back around and goes to town on his tall tower, using TWO HANDS (and a finger in his fuck hole every now and again) to bring his bone to the brink! His huge hammer heaves a hefty load that splashes onto his perfect peaches and cream complexion. Carter helps him milk the last luscious drops from his cum cannon and the sexy college student serves us a sultry smile, confident he’s given a perfect performance. And, he definitely has!

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