My Boo

helix-studios - My Boo

On break from college, Marcell Tykes runs into old neighbor, AND first high school kiss Aiden Garcia! Anxious to finish what they started, Garcia invites Marcell over to “reconnect.” Aiden immediately jumps his sexy high school sweetheart and the heat keeps rising…. along with Aiden’s enormous appendage! Tykes travels south and lays a mean licking down on the latin lover’s extra large love lance and the cock heavy competition to show one another how good they’ve BOTH gotten since high school is ON! Marcell hops up on the bed, arches his well worked out back and showcases his tight, trained dancer’s derriere. Aiden has fantasized about that ass for years which makes this magnificent ass munch magically delicious! Tykes has also waited for this moment, AND for Garcia’s gargantuan groin to gape that hot glory hole of his! After reaching back to pull pretty boy’s tongue deeper into his pucker, Tykes asks for the fuck they’ve both been dreaming of for ages! Aiden excitedly slides his big bareback behemoth inside Tyke’s slicked up, beautiful brown, buttery booty and gets to banging! They ease onto the bed a bit more and Marcell reaches back to spread his chocolate cheeks so Garcia can grind groin even deeper. The ass assassin offers Marcell a ride and the dude quickly hops on and puts his dancer training to work, He squeezes those hot, meaty cheeks around Aiden’s enormous appendage as he hops on that hog with a righteously raunchy rhythm. The boy’s skills are too much for Aiden’s apple headed hog to handle and he explodes inside Tyke’s tight tube steak tunnel. Loads of lust lava ooze out and the white hot hump heat looks sexy as fuck against both hottie’s beautiful bronze skin. Even though Aiden already came, there’s STILL a hell of a lot of bang left in the boy! Tykes dismounts from his man’s meaty member and some fresh fuck seed seeps out before the pretty boy lays down on his back spread eagle. Aiden amps it up, plunging his perfect piece at a fever pitch till his high school crush cums buckets! This is one high school reunion you won’t want to miss!

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