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Blake Anderson and Kyle Rhodes - Bare Twinks - Wild Fuckizard - 4

Kyle Catches A Wild Fuckizard – Bare Twinks

Trainer Kyle has found and captured a Fuckizard, one of the rarest possible! It’s easy to see why he’s so pleased when he finally releases him in the bedroom. The Fuckizard is soon feeding Kyle that big bare joystick, rimming his perfectly smooth ass and sinking his impressive length deep into that tight hole. Our Kyle Rhodes is in heaven, riding that shaft all over the bed and enjoying the pleasure as his new Fuckizard prods at his prostate and makes him spurt hot spunk! With a warm load splashed over his back and that wet dick sliding back into his pucker he’s a very happy trainer indeed!

bare-twinks - Kyle Caught A Horny PokeTwink - Bare Twinks

Kyle Caught A Horny PokeTwink – Bare Twinks

Sweet young blond boy Kyle Rhodes has been out hunting and caught a real prize. Really! Back at the hotel he releases his new PokeTwink, eager to be there and ready to train. It seems this sexy young friend doesn’t need a whole lot of training though. He’s already skilled in the art of sucking a thick cock and sliding his own juicy bareback dick into his trainer’s tight little ass. With semen loads fucked out and our sweet PokeTwink’s wet dick sliding back into that warm hole the training is complete and they’re ready to face battle.

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Kyle Rhodes

Sweet Kyle Becomes The PokeTwink Master – Boy Crush

Not satisfied with his Pokemon hunting sweet young blond twink Kyle Rhodes heads back to the bedroom where he’s about to engage in more traditional activities for a man his age. Stripping out of his clothes his long and hairless hooded knob is throbbing from the start, only getting harder as the boy lays back and strokes his 8-inch shaft. The arrival of a big dildo into his tight little pucker sends the boy wild, resulting in a delicious mess of hot young semen erupting from his dick! With his new mission set to get started, Kyle declares that from now he’ll be dedicated to catching them all (twinks, that is) and fucking them!