#helix: Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill

helix-studios - #helix: Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill

Our series #Helix is BACK with two of our cutest boys, Tyler Hill and Cameron Parks! The guys take questions from their fan’s twitter and the questions run the gamut from fun to down right raunchy in this round of randy questions! The guys get asked about first times, high school sex, behind the scenes, favorite kinks and even Tyler’s kitten! This sextastic series has it ALL, after the questions we always move on to fan’s fantasies and what they wanna see the boys do to one another. There’s some feet tickling action followed by the boys spanking one another’s beautiful booties! Then we shift into high gear with a pin down lick, bite butt combo request that gets the booty-ful twosome raging hard and ready to get down and dirty! The boys blow each other’s bulging boners before Parks plants his huge hand in Tyler’s smooth ass crack, tickling his hole and slapping the plump plum every now and again. After that small hit of Hill’s hiney, Cameron becomes an full on ass addict. Who can blame him, Hill does have one of THE best butts in the biz. Parks eats ass like it’s his final meal while doing a thorough inspection with his fingers but not before spitting in the boy’s butt so he can slide in even deeper. Hill’s hole is hungry as hell after that sexy session so Parks lubes up that perfect piece of his and hammers Tyler’s tush HARD! Then, Tyler gets on top and goes to TOWN on Cameron’s cock! Parks revs up his rod into high gear, fucking so fabulously fast his heavy balls bang the hell out of Tyler’s tasty cheeks. We wouldn’t be surprised if Hill’s hiney is a bit black and blue tomorrow! Cameron is feelin’ cocky and manhandles Hill, pushing the pretty boy onto all fours then forcing that formidable phallus back in the kid’s cock hungry backdoor. Tyler reaches back and grabs Cameron’s cum filled nuts, pulling him deeper inside himself. Hard as hell the entire fabulous fuck, Hill’s hose fires it’s funk and covers the black couch so much it’s turns almost cum-pletely white! Parks pulls out and plants his salty seed all over Tyler’s freshly banged butt. Oozy nut drizzles down the kid’s caboose. The semen soaked smoothness of Hill’s hole is too much for Cam to resist and he goes in for one more lusty lick. Yum.

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