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Cute Boy Cameron Needs A Cock - Boy Crush

Cute Boy Cameron Needs A Cock – Boy Crush

If there’s one thing every boy knows how to do well with expert skill by the time he’s 19 it’s making his pecker splash semen. Cameron is an experienced masturbator, not that he needs to be with his adorably sexy face, that hairless little body and that tight fuck hole just waiting for a knob to slide in deep. We’re spending some quality time with the geeky young man for this solo, watching as he pleasures his throbbing young 8-inch dong and slides a wet toy into his perfect hole! It certainly does the trick!

A Cute Boy With A Big Boner - Justin Cross

A Cute Boy With A Big Boner – Boy Crush

It’s simple, sexy and sticky by the end, a straightforward session of solo pleasure with one of the most attractive young stars. Justin has the evening to himself and you know what that means! His big hairy cock is soon throbbing with the need to be stroked, and it looks gorgeously tempting as we survey his hairless and sexy body, his length throbbing solid in his fist, his balls bouncing as the pleasure rises. He would love to have you there to make him spooge, but he knows how to get his juices splashing over his hairless stomach.

Zack Love

A Long Glass Dildo Hits The Spot – Boy Crush

When his sexy lover leaves him alone in the bedroom Zack Love decides to take matters into his own hands. We can’t imagine why anyone would miss out on the chance to share some fun with this gorgeous and hairless twink lad, but at least he has a special toy to play with and get his jizz gushing. Watch as the adorable young guy reveals his hard boner for stroking, and his tight little ass for fucking as he slides a glass anal toy deep inside, taking himself to climax!

Trey Ryan

A Sexy Boy With Butt Toys – Boy Crush

It seems that most boys these days have some special toys that they don’t tell most of their friends about. It’s easier these days to get on-line and buy something for you ass, and it seems handsome and fit young Trey Ryan has been spending his allowance on a whole range! Watch as the gorgeous teen strips naked in his bedroom, plays with his juicy rod and stuffs toy after toy up his tight little hole to get that creamy white load pumping out over his tight abs! Something tells me his teammates have no idea what this sporty boy loves to get up to in his bedroom, but you know if they did they would love to join in!

Michael Klein

A Boy And His Favorite Toy – Boy Crush

All boys enjoy some alone time, and even though gorgeous young Michael Klein could have his pick of all the local twinks or jocks, sometimes he just likes to watch porn on his phone and get off. We join him in the bedroom as he spends some time pleasuring himself, groping his growing bulge in his jock strap and easing a huge dildo into his hole! Watch as he rides his hole with the toy and strokes his cock in his fist until his semen is spewing out in powerful spurts!

Tyler Thayer

Taking A Dip With Hung Twink Tyler – Boy Crush

Tyler Thayer is a gorgeous boy, he deserves to enjoy such a stunning setting. We join him in the pool for a very sensual play session, taking a dip and enjoying the cool water on his sexy body. Of course the handsome young twink can’t waste such an opportunity to enjoy his demanding dick, it’s soon out in his stroking hand as he jerks his big schlong beside the water and pumps the cream from his slender shaft! What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

A Toy For His Tight Little Hole - Connor Jobs

A Toy For His Tight Little Hole – Boy Crush

Most boys are simple when they need to get their spooge pumped out, they haul out their pecker and give it some strokes and that’s it. Then there are adorable boys like Connor Jobs who really know how to pleasure themselves the right way. See the handsome young stud revealing his hard fat cock, stroking with some lube, then sliding a hairless glass toy into his perfect little hole! It’s a sensual and sticky performance that every guy out there will want to play along with!

Matthew Cole

He Shouldn’t Showe Alone – Boy Crush

He’s such a handsome young guy, with such a great body and a lovely joystick we would all gladly play with and a tight little butt we would all love to fuck. Watch sexy young star Matthew enjoying some private time in the bathroom, doing what so many other horny young guy do when they enjoy a shower. The difference with Matthew Cole is that it’s not all about his joystick. Watch him enjoying a toy in his hole as he gets his creamy load gushing!

Kayden Alexander

A Sticky Mess On The Sheets – Boy Crush

Long-haired twink guy Kayden Alexander is adorable, but don’t be thinking he’s innocent. We join him in the bedroom where things quickly get incredibly horny. With his clothes off and his big schlong out he reveals a special toy, perfect for his tight little pucker. Watch the adorable teen stroking his raging dick and fucking himself in the ass with that smooth little toy until his cream is pumping out and making his sheets all sticky!

Kyle Rhodes

Sweet Kyle Becomes The PokeTwink Master – Boy Crush

Not satisfied with his Pokemon hunting sweet young blond twink Kyle Rhodes heads back to the bedroom where he’s about to engage in more traditional activities for a man his age. Stripping out of his clothes his long and hairless hooded knob is throbbing from the start, only getting harder as the boy lays back and strokes his 8-inch shaft. The arrival of a big dildo into his tight little pucker sends the boy wild, resulting in a delicious mess of hot young semen erupting from his dick! With his new mission set to get started, Kyle declares that from now he’ll be dedicated to catching them all (twinks, that is) and fucking them!

Nico Michaelson

Cum Tasting Stroke Show – Boy Crush

We love seeing a boy enjoying his own pecker, and Nico Michaelson is definitely one worth watching. The smooth and horny young man is enjoying the sun when his urge to rub one out takes over. His long hard dick is soon in his hand as he lays back and jerks off, working up his jizz load and pumping a tasty mess from his dick – all finished with a lick of his fingers!

Nick Simpson

New Hair, Same Horny Boy – Boy Crush

Nick’s been keeping busy doing his own thing around Phoenix, but we finally got him back for a solo! He’s enjoying his new hair cut and color, and so are we. He admits to being a fan of Boy Crush legends, Kyler Moss and Miles Pride, and says he’s into the “scene” kid look. We think this horny newcomer could be a star, too, and he’s happy to show off his smooth, slim body as he starts to jerk off. But it isn’t until he gets a slick dildo stuffed in his hole that Nick Simpson really gets into it!