Tight Spaces

helix-studios - Tight Spaces

Twink titans Taylor Coleman and Sebastian Fox burst into the bedroom hot, heavy and hands On the moment they hit the screen! Their tongues intertwine and clothes fall to the floor while hands wander below their slim waistlines. Taylor falls to his knees, teasing Sebastian’s schlong with tender cock kisses before deep throating the dude’s thick dick down to his big beautiful balls. The sexy schlong sucking machine is raging hard and his heated hog is in desperate need of attention. He whips his underwear down and his thick throbber hits his tight torso with a lusty loud thud. He kneels on the bed and plants that perfect piece right at Fox’s fuck me boy face. The raven haired hottie doesn’t disappoint, delivering a down right delicious dick sucking so good that Taylor rewards his rump with a tongue fucking before offering the boy a raw ride on his big rig. Sebastian slides his saliva slick seat down on Coleman’s condom free phallus and rides it like a cock loving cowboy. Fox plants a kiss of Colman’s perfectly chiseled face before the boys dips so Taylor can get an ass full of Fox’s big, fat fuck stick! He pounds pretty boy’s posterior doggy style while grabbing fistfuls of that tight twink tush before flipping the fine fucker on his back for an even deeper dicking. Colemans cream catapults through the air and he nails himself right in the neck just as Fox’s cocki is ready to erupt. The brunette’s beautiful bronze boner blows a beasty bust onto Colman’s already cum covered six pack before collapsing onto the cream covered cutie for one more kiss.

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